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Privacy Policy

WARNING: Leave this website immediately if you are a citizen of the European Union (EU) and/or covered by the EU’s GDPR regulations. This website may or may not comply with GDPR. We simply do not know as the GDPR regulations are too confusing, time consuming, and/or silly for us to comprehend.

Informational Website

www.chess.ca is the informational website of the CFC.

  • It uses Google Analytics to gather statistics on vistors to our website. Google Analytics will use cookies and other means to track your usage of our website. No personally identifiable info is collected.

GoMembership Website

cfc.azolve.com is the membership management website of the CFC.

  • It uses a service provided by GoMembership and Azolve. See their privacy policy. You must be logged in to see the policy. If you do not have a CFC id to log in, you are not affected by their policy.