Organizer Tools

Here are some useful tools for organizers and arbiters.

Player Lookup

When you register players for your CFC-rated tournament, you will need to lookup their CFC membership id, expiry date, and rating.

  • If you will have internet access while registering players, use Ratings.

  • If you will not have internet access while registering players, get the “tdlist.txt” file from HERE and save it to your laptop. Use your favourite file editor to open this file and search for CFC membership ids or names. (Apologies, this file is unfriendly. We are looking into improvements.)


When running your tournament, you will need to do the pairings (who plays who with which colour). The CFC has licensed two software programs for use in CFC-rated tournaments. Pick one.

  • SwissSys: Popular as this was the first licensed by the CFC. See MORE.

  • Swiss-Manager: Popular because you can upload pairings (before each round) and results (after each round) to where everyone can see it. See MORE.

  • Manual Before software was available, pairings were done manually with pairing cards. For you old schoolers, here are pairing cards and sheets.

Reporting Results to the CFC

You need to report the results of games played to the CFC for rating.

  • IMPORTANT: Be prepared to send the results to the CFC as soon as possible. Players like to see their updated ratings quickly. In extreme cases, delayed ratings may mean a player must play in a different section of a future tournament or is or isn’t selected or eligible to participate in an tournament.

  • Pairing Software: Both SwissSys and Swiss-Manager will create result reports in the format required by the CFC.

  • Swiss Assistant: If you did not use pairing software, “Swiss Assistant” is a simple tool for just creating the reports for CFC (for Swiss and Round Robin). See MORE.

Reporting Memberships to the CFC

If you collected any CFC membership fees, you will need to report these and send the money to the CFC.

  • (details coming soon)