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Canadian Closed, Zonals, Easter Sectionals (Kingston) Announced

— Aris Marghetis, Organizer

(Original was posted HERE)

KEC 2022 Announcement (Kingston Easter Chess)

This is the KEC 2022 ANNOUNCEMENT, now updated as of Tuesday, April 12th. Especially given changing pandemic conditions, this will be updated as applicable.

KEC 2022 sections - all sections rated both FIDE & CFC (and FQE for FQE#s):

  • Zonals/Closed championships:
    – Canada Zonal,
    – Canada Women Zonal
  • Easter Sectionals: U2200, U1900, U1600


Wednesday, April 13th:
  – Welcome @ 630pm,
  – Round 1 @ 7pm
Thursday, April 14th:
  – Round 2 @ 10am,
  – Round 3 @ 5pm
Friday, April 15th:
  – Round 4 @ 10am,
  – Round 5 @ 5pm
Saturday, April 16th:
  – TBD activities,
  – Round 6 @ 5pm
Sunday: April 17th:
  – Round 7 @ 10am,
  – Round 8 @ 5pm
Monday: April 18th:
  – Round 9 @ 10am


Four Points by Sheraton Kingston
– 285 King Street East, Kingston, ON K7L 3B1
– (the same great location as in 2019!),
– downtown near waterfront, indoor heated swimming pool, fitness centre.

NEW for 2022: book directly with hotel, their KEC rate of only $100 includes: free parking, free breakfasts, free Wi-Fi, up to $50 in restaurant coupons

– the KEC room rate is the SAME for 1-4 people (GUARANTEED: ignore any “Extra Person Fee”, it’s an old software bug)
– enter number of people correctly, so the hotel can plan our breakfasts!

– anyone can use the hotel underground parking garage
– by staying at hotel, your bill will change by checkout from $20 to $0
– anyone not staying at the hotel will be charged parking

– keep hotel receipt for the 2022 Ontario Tax Staycation deduction!!

Pandemic Conditions

“Restaurant Rules” (subject to change):
– a player seated at their board (game or skittles) may remove their mask
– everyone else on the 2nd floor must always properly wear their mask
– players submit pandemic vaccine documentation with their registration
– any exceptions may be appealed on a case-by-case basis (early please!)
– the event and/or the hotel reserve the right to ban anyone deemed ill
– please note anyone may be subject to non-contact temperature testing

Money & Prizes

– as of March 9th, over $14K based on only 100 players (2019 numbers)
– all money prizes to be paid out AFTER April 18th!

PRIZES for Zonal/Closed sections:
– Zonal/Closed sections currently open only to Canadians (FIDE flag = CAN)
– generally NO splitting of these prizes, see TIEBREAKS below.

Canada Zonal

– 1st place = next Open Olympiad team + next Open World Cup + $2000 (tied for 1st place = IM title)
– 2nd place = very likely next Open World Cup + FM title + IM norm+ $1500
– 3rd place = FM title + IM norm + $1000
– 4th place = $500
– 65% in 9 games (6/9) = FM title
– 50% in 9 games (4.5/9) = CM title
– Bryon Nickoloff Memorial Prize for Top Open Junior = $500 (splitable, for the top Open Canadian born in 2002 or later)

Canada Women Zonal

– 1st place = next Women Olympiad team + next Women World Cup + $1500 (tied for 1st place = WIM title)
– 2nd place = likely next Women World Cup + WFM title + WIM norm + $1000
– 3rd place = WFM title + WIM norm + $500
– 65% in 9 games (6/9) = WFM title
– 50% in 9 games (4.5/9) = WCM title
– Bryon Nickoloff Memorial Prize for Top Women Junior = $500 (splitable, for the top Women Canadian born in 2002 or later)


(for Zonal/Closed sections)

  1. Buchholz Cut 1 (Buchholz less lowest opponent score)
  2. Buchholz System (sum of scores of all opponents)
  3. Sonneborn-Berger (scores of defeated + half-scores of drawn)
  4. drawing of lots (virtually impossible scenario!)

Prizes for U2200/U1900/U1600

These prizes ARE splitable, Zonal/Closed TIEBREAKS above DON’T apply:
– each 1st place = $1000
– each 2nd place = $500
– each 3rd place = $250
– (UNRated players can only win U1600 3rd place $)


  1. ensure CFC membership (FQE from Quebec) expires after April 18th
  2. email to arismarghetis@rogers.com :
    • CFC(FQE) & FIDE IDs, mobile phone, pandemic vaccine documentation (PDF)
    • female players should confirm exactly which section they are registering for
    • see below regarding SECTION ELIGIBILITY
  3. please wait for confirming reply before actually paying for registration!
  4. e-transfer registration payment (or arrange alternative payment method)


How Much

– GM who registers before April 1st = free half-occupancy + free entry
– IM/WGM who registers before April 1st = free entry
– all other Zonal/Closed players who register before April 1st = $240
– all other Zonal/Closed players who register after March 31st = $270
– all Easter Sectional players who register before April 1st = $140
– all Easter Sectional players who register after March 31st = $170


– in Zonal/Closed sections: no half-point byes
– in U2200/U1900/U1600: up to 3 half-point byes (IF requested with registration, ONLY for Rounds 1-6)
– any other requested byes (including refused pairing) will be 0-point

Section Eligibility

– higher of FIDE Standard & CFC Regular (FQE “cote lente”) ratings
– minimum rating of 2200 for Canada Zonal section (NO PLAYING UP)
– there’s no minimum rating yet for the Canada Women Zonal section
– Sectional players deemed UNRated will play in U1600 Sectional
– initial ratings considered/floored as of Monday, March 7th
– final ratings review planned for after Wednesday, April 6th
– Chief Organizer reserves right to adjust ratings/sections

Ratings for Pairings

– Zonal/Closed sections: FIDE rating (if none exists, then UNR (CFC tiebreak))
– Easter Sectionals: CFC rating (if none exists, then UNR)
– FORCED BYE may be offered free rated extra game

Default Time

– (FIDE Law 6.7.1): 30 minutes after the start of the round.
– a player who forfeits will need to deposit $100 to return
– if they forfeit again, their opponent will get that $100

Time Control

– 90 minutes for the first 40 moves,
– followed by 30 minutes for the rest of the game,
– with an addition of 30 seconds per move starting from move one.

Fair Play

Restroom conditions:
– one restroom for Men players and one restroom for Women players
– both are situated in the Foyer area near the Ballroom playing area
– staff may also use these restrooms, but no other non-players
– all onsite attendees may be photographed, videotaped, etc.

(Except for staff) NO TECH OF ANY KIND on the whole 2nd floor

Other measures to be implemented may not be announced


Finally, we welcome more volunteers, publicity hounds, floater players!!! Please email me: arismarghetis@rogers.com

Thank you, kind regards, Aris Marghetis, IA/IO Chief Organizer/Arbiter, Kingston Easter Chess (KEC)

Arbiter Team & Fair Play Officers:
A.Ferreira, A.Field, A.Kovatcheva, FA O.Shah, FA C.Wan, FA K.Wan.

DGT Broadcasting: John Upper
Appeals Committee Chair: Hal Bond
   – within 1 hour of end of round
   – in writing to the Chief Arbiter
   – accompanied by $100 deposit
French translations: Patrick Gougeon

THANK YOU To Our Sponsors!!

– East Blok United (merry band of Ottawa chess players!)
– Eastern Ontario Chess Association (EOCA)
– Ontario Chess Association (OCA)



2022 is our 2nd “annual” Kingston Easter Chess.

2019 Champions:
– Zonal/Closed: GM Evgeny Bareev
– U2200: Ruoying Xu, U1900: Sanjay Ramesh, U1600: Gary Hua

2019 Titles:
– IM norm: FM Mark Plotkin
– CM title: William Li, Rejean Tremblay
– CM elect: Z.Dukic, S.Noritsyn, M.Rusonik, A.Saha, H.Yao

EOCA Grand Prix:
This is an Eastern Ontario Chess Association Grand Prix event (eoca.ca)