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CFC condemns Russian invasion of Ukraine

— Vladimir Drkulec, CFC President

(Originally posted HERE on the CFC Forums)

The Chess Federation of Canada condemns the Russian Federation invasion of the sovereign nation of Ukraine. We reject the stated pretexts and justifications advanced for this evil and illegal act and urge the Russian Federation to leave Ukraine immediately and cease waging war against the Ukrainian people. All parties should work together to reach a resolution that respects Ukrainian sovereignty and their democratic right of self determination. We applaud the courage that the Ukrainian people have shown in this difficult time.

The Chess Federation of Canada and its players will not participate in any FIDE official event on Russian Federation soil while this war is ongoing.

Our understanding is that the proposed Olympiad in Moscow this year will be moved elsewhere. We welcome this change of venue.

Vladimir Drkulec (in consultation with the CFC board of directors)
President, Chess Federation of Canada