Le puzzle de mots croisés #1

— Wane Inkpen


  • 2: A great player who had a large number of tournament and match withdrawals highlighed especially by being on the wrong end of a Steinitz brilliancy, Hastings 1895.
  • 4: Several times a candidate for the world chess championship, in 1970 he ceded his candidate position to Bobby Fischer.
  • 6: A bad move which is usually a decisive error.
  • 9: For more than 20 years he was one of the top six players in the chess world. His ferocious K side attacks earned him the nickname Black Death.
  • 11: Chess played without sight of the board
  • 12: Another name for the Paris Gambit
  • 15: The first name of the duo used to identify 1.d4 d5 2.e4 dxe4 3.f3
  • 17: Sometimes called the Goteborg Variation, it was prepared by Najdorf, Panno, and Pilnik and then used in the Goteborg Interzonal, 1955. It was a line used in the 7th match game between Alekhine and Capablanca
  • 19: A bishop that is obstructed by its own pawns
  • 20: The only man to die while holding the world chess championship
  • 21: A chess situation in which a player sets up a defensive position in the center of the board which is hard to break
  • 22: A checkmate given by R and N unaided by other chess pieces


  • 1: A rich man who lost his fortune in the Russian Revolution 1917, he was one of the strongest players of his time. He won the Moscow Championship of 1911.
  • 3: He won the USSR Championship 1924 and 1925, was one of the 6 best players in the world in the 1920s, and contested the world championship with Alekhine, 1929, unsuccessfully.
  • 5: A mate given on the edge of the board by a crossfire of two bishops or a Q and B
  • 6: He was a active member of a London coffee house, called Simson’s Divan, for over fifty years. Today he is remembered for his offbeat opening 1.f4
  • 7: This distinguished English mathematician, who invented an gravity apparatus, played Philidor many times and recorded Philidor’s games for posterity.
  • 8: Winner of three great international tournaments: London 1851, London 1862, Baden Baden 1870
  • 9: A Finnish IM who won his national championship 5 times and played in 6 Olympiads, the last one being 1960.
  • 10: Variation name 1.e4 c6 2.d4 d5 3.e5
  • 13: Soviet player whose greatest contribution to chess was his series of endgame books, one of which was Bishop Endings 1977
  • 14: A checkmate that occurs on the 1st or 8th rank
  • 15: Chess played at a high number of moves per minute
  • 16: He won the 5th World Correspondence Chess Championship and wrote a chess book called The System
  • 18: Though he defeated Albin and Marco in a 3-person match, he is most famous for losing to Lasker playing the Black pieces in a Bird’s Opening in Amsterdam, 1889