GOTW: Dorrance - Hansen, Halifax 2018.

Our Canadian Game of the Week is Adam Dorrance vs Eric Hansen, from the 2018 Bluenose Open in Halifax, annotated by Adam Dorrance.


(photo: after chess fun with GM Eric Hansen, David Zhou & Adam Dorrance)

Bluenose Open
February 23-25, 2018
Saint Mary’s University, Halifax

Was a 5 round swiss with the relatively more civilized time control of G/120 + 30.

  • 46 players competed.
  • Adam Dorrance won with 4.5/5. 
  • GM Eric Hansen, David Zhou, Jose Gonzalez-Cueto were =2nd-4th with 4/5.
  • As Adam mentions in his notes, Eric took a bye in round 3 to play for his Chessbrah team in the PRO League.
  • Special mention for Cynthia Cui, who was tied for the lead going into the last round, but lost to a visiting GM.

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