Upcoming Events: 2018.04-05

A dangerous upward trend, with only 40 chess tournaments across Canada in April and May 2018!
Cash in now, before they're all gone!


BOTW: 2018.04.18

Eight of the world's top 10 players compete this week in two tournaments in St.Louis and Shamkir, Azerbaijan, on this week's Best of the Web...

Three FIDE Titles for Canada

Aman Hambleton, Bernard Ouimet and Vadim Tsypin were awarded FIDE titles at the Presidential Board of the FIDE, which ended April 9, 2018. Details and links...

GOTW: Hansen - MacKinnon, Nanaimo 2018.

Our Canadian Game of the Week is GM Eric Hansen's round 4 win over NM Keith MacKinnon at the 2018 Nanaimo Spring Open.

BOTW: No Match for World Champion

With the 2018 Candidates ending with seven of the eight players not qualifying for a World Championship match, our Best of the Web this week focuses on two great players who, despite their best efforts, never got to play a match against the world's best player....

GOTW: Vogt - Piasetski, HD Bank Cup, 2018.

IM Leon Piasetski annotates his topsy-turvy round 5 game against German GM Lothar Vogt from the 2018 HD Bank Cup Open in Vietnam...  

Tactics: Wreckjavik

Our Canadian Tactic comes from IM Shiyam Thavandiran's round 4 game at the 2018 Reykjavik Open.  In the diagram, Shiyam is threatening Qxg7#; what happens after  18...g6 19.Rae1 ...?

Mcgill Rapid Open 2018: May 5th!

The McGill Rapid is back in 2018 for its second edition ! It will be held on Saturday May 5 in a new, calmer and more appropriate venue at the McGill New Residence Hall.  Venue: New Residence Hall, 3625 Park.

BOTW: Candidates 2018

The 8-player double RR to determine the Challenger for Magnus Carlsen in the next World Championship match is this week's Best of the Web...

Upcoming Events: 2018.03-04

A dangerous downward spiral (?!) with only 33 chess tournaments across Canada in March and April 2018!!!
... play now before they're all gone!


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