Canadian National Master Certificate Order Form

The rules of qualification for this title are very simple. You must achieve a rating above 2200 and obtain three performance ratings of 2300+ for events in which you have played at least five games. If you have done this at any time in the past, you may fill out this form and receive a certificate of achievement!

You are reponsible for providing accurate information. Should there be any issues with the information provided it may delay or cancel your order! Your first certificate is free; any additional certificates including replacements are $10 each.

Please fill out ALL fields correctly and accurately.
When you are done, submit the page. It will email us the information. If you are requesting a replacement or additional certificates please contact the CFC office for payment arrangements.

Certificate Order Form
* This should be exactly as you wish it to appear on your certificate!
(additional copies $10 each)
Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.