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The Chess Olympiad is a team competition for nations, first held in 1927 at London, England and held every 2 years since 1950. The event is sanctioned by the World Chess Federation (FIDE). In 2008 at Dresden, Germany, there were 144 teams from 139 countries. The 39th Chess Olympiad will be held at Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia, from September 19th - October 4th, 2010. 

Canada first participated in the Olympiads in 1939 at Buenos Aires, Argentina, where 14-year old Abe Yanofsky of Winnipeg, Manitoba attracted the world's attention. In 1964 at Tel Aviv, Israel, Yanofsky secured the first Grandmaster title for a player raised in the Commonwealth. Canada has sent a team to every Olympiad since 1964. Canada's best finish at the Olympiad was tied for 7th in 1978 at Buenos Aires, Argentina. Canada finished tied for 8th in 1976 at Haifa, Israel and in 1980 at Valetta, Malta. 

Canadians have won individual medals 9 times - Gold: D. Abraham Yanofsky, Board 2, 1939; Frank Anderson, Board 2, 1954; Silver: Peter Biyiasas, Board 2, 1978; Kevin Spraggett, Board 2, 2000; Bronze: Peter Biyiasas, Board 4, 1972; Jean Hébert, Board 3, 1982; Lawrence Day, Board 3, 1986; Deen Hergott, Alternate 1, 1990; Yan Teplitsky, Board 4, 2002. Other excellent individual results: Frank Anderson had the best percentage, Board 2, Olympiad 1958 (+9 =3 -1), but did not receive the FIDE award, which was given only for best point total; Roman Pelts had the 2nd highest score among masters, Board 4, Olympiad 1984 (8/11). Lawrence Day represented Canada at the Olympiads 13 times, followed by D. Abraham Yanofsky (11 times). 

The Women's Olympiad was first held in 1957 at Emmen, Netherlands. Canada first participated in the Women's Olympiad in 1974 at Medellin, Columbia, and has sent a team every time since 2000. Canada was 1st place team, Group 'B', Women's Olympiad 1976 (Marie-Thérèse Chaput, Angela Day, Nava Starr, Smilja Vujosevic). Canadians have won individual medals 4 times - Gold: Nava Starr, Board 2, 1976; Céline Roos, Board 2, 1984; Bronze: Smilja Vujosevic, Board 1, 1976; Nava Starr, Board 1, 1982. Nava Starr represented Canada at the Olympiads 12 times.

Canada at the 39th Chess Olympiad 2010

National Team
Mark BluvshteinMark Bluvshtein Toronto, ONGrandmaster. Canadian Scholastic or Youth Champion 6 times. Canadian Open Champion (2005, 2009). Represented Canada World Youth Championships 2 times (3rd place, Under-18, 2005). Represented Canada at Olympiads 4 times. Canadian Chess Player of the Year 3 times (2004-5, 2008).
Thomas Roussel-RoozmonThomas Roussel-Roozmon Montreal, QCInternational Master. Canadian Scholastic or Youth Champion 4 times. Represented Canada at World Under-12 Championship 2000 (9th place). Represented Canada at Olympiad 2 times.
Leonid GerzhoyLeonid Gerzhoy Toronto, ONInternational Master. 2009 Represented Canada at Pan-American Championship. Canadian Junior Champion 2007.
Artiom SamsonkinArtiom Samsonkin Toronto, ON International Master. 1st place, Canadian Championship 2007. Canadian Junior Champion 2008. 
Nikolay NoritsynNikolay Noritsyn Richmond Hill, ONInternational Master. 2007 Canadian Champion (at age 16, second youngest ever). 2003 Canadian Under-12 Champion. Canadian Chess Player of the Year 2007. Represented Canada at Olympiad 2008.
Women's Team
Name Photo Home Credits 
Yuanling YuanYuanling Yuan Toronto, ON Woman International Master. Top rated female Canadian at Year-end (2008, 2009). Represented Canada at Women's Olympiad 2008. 2nd place Pan-American Women's Championship 2008. Represented Canada at Girls Youth World Championship (10th place, Under-10, 2003). 
Dina Kagramanov Richmond Hill, ONWoman International Master. Canadian Women's Champion 2009. 1st place Canadian Women's Championship 2006. Represented Canada World Girls Youth Championships 2 times. Represented Canada at Women's Olympiad (2002, 2008).
Iulia Lacau-RodeanIulia Lacau-Rodean Kitchener, ON Medallist at Romania Youth Championships (1998-2003). Represented Romania at World Youth Championships (1998-9), European Youth Championships (1999-2001).
Yelizaveta OrlovaYelizaveta Orlova Toronto, ON 9th place, World Youth Under-14 Girls Championship 2008. 4 times Canadian Girls Junior/Youth Champion.
Dalia KagramanovDalia Kagramanov Richmond Hill, ONCanadian Girls Under-16 Champion (2008, 2009) 
 NamePhoto Home Credits 
Jura OchkoosJura Ochkoos Captain, National TeamFIDE Master 2003
Shaomin Yuan Captain, Women's Team 
Ilia BluvshteinIlia Bluvshtein Coordinator 
Ron LivshitsSelection CommitteeInternational Master 1996
Igor ZugicIgor Zugic Selection CommitteeInternational Master 2000
Hal BondHal BondFundraiserCanada's representative to FIDE
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